Music and Movement Classes Pay per  10 week session

  • One Child: $105
  • Second Child (sibling rate): $90​                                                                       

                         Preschool, KP and Readiness Classes (school year)

  • Totally for Two's (drop-off) Preschool $85/month, 10 monthly payments/year

  • ​Terrific Two's (caregiver & me) $45/month, 10 monthly payments/year

  • Three's Preschool: 2 Days/Week- $130/month, 10 monthly payments/year

  • ​Three's Preschool: 3 Days/Week- $170/month, 10 monthly payments/year

  • ​KP (Kindergarten Prep: 5 Days/Week- $245/month, 10 monthly payments/year

  • ​Readiness/Enrichment Classes: 1 Day/Week- $160 per session (12 weeks per session)

Once a registration form and payment have been turned in to Bee Bop Clubhouse and/or Kidventures, there will be no monetary refunds. If a class is missed, you are welcomed and encouraged to make up that class by attending another class that is offered within that session.

If a class is not made up within that same session it will no longer be able to be made up.

Inclement Weather (ie. Snow Days, etc.): 
Bee Bop Clubhouse & Kidventures will do its very best to make up any classes that are canceled due to inclement weather, but this is not guaranteed. We will follow the Union Endicott Central School District closing and delays.
If UE schools are closed due to bad weather, then Bee Bop classes will be canceled as well.

If there is a one hour delay, then all 9:30 Music & Movement classes & Terrific Two's & Totally for Two's classes will be canceled. If there is a 2 hour delay, then all morning Music & Movement & Preschool classes are canceled.

If all after school activities are closed, then evening classes are canceled. 
Any cancellations on the part of Bee Bop Clubhouse will be made up.

Contact Information:
We are located at 401 Front Street, Vestal, NY.      
Kate: (607) 206-0099 - Dina: (509) 474-1812

                            All forms and payments can be mailed to
                     Bee Bop Clubhouse 337 State Line Road Vestal, NY 13850,

*unless otherwise indicated below. 

​1.  The You and Me registration form is for all Tunes & Tumbles, Boppin' Tots and Themed Classes. Checks made payable to Bee Bop Clubhouse

  2. The Drop Off form is for camps and special events for children ages 4+.  



   3.  The Readiness Class form is for both Preschool and Kindergarten Readiness/Enrichment classes

*Please make checks payable to Kidventures at the Clubhouse, and mail to 2313 Acorn Dr., Vestal, NY 13850 for this program.



   4. The Kidventures Preschool Registration Form is for Totally for TWo's, 3 & 4 Year-Old Preschool classes & KP (Kindergarten Prep) beginning in September, 2017.

*Please make checks payable to Kidventures at the Clubhouse, and mail to 2313 Acorn Dr., Vestal, NY 13850 for this program.

5. Registration for birthday parties form