“I absolutely love bringing each of my kids to Bee Bops! Each year my school aged child looks forward to the well organized and engaging camps in the summer; throughout the year my preschooler enjoys attending the special events where she gets the chance to reconnect with her friends and teachers; and each session my youngest and I have a blast getting one on one time during our Mommy and Me style class.Miss Kate is warm, friendly, and engaging. This business is a gift to the community!”
                                                      - Rachel C. 


Contact Information:
We are located at 401 Front Street, Vestal, NY.      
Kate: (607) 206-0099 - Dina: (509) 474-1812
email: beebopclubhouse@gmail.com

“Some people so clearly have a purpose here on this earth. I consider it a shame that more children are not able to experience your classroom. You
are fantastic at filling the children’s minds to full capacity, in a short amount of time.” 
                                       - Janet O. 

“There are so many things we appreciated about
preschool and it all stems from your exceptional organizational skills, creativity, and enthusiasm. You are providing to preschoolers such a positive and memorable introduction to the learning experience…helping to instill values and goodness in impressionable young children, besides enabling them to have such fun at school. Having experience with two other preschools has given us a good basis for comparison, and your program is far superior in every aspect. We are grateful for the wonderful experiences we had!"
                                                      - Michelle S. 

"All three of my children have had the pleasure of attending Bee Bop classes. Some of our most treasured family memories have taken place singing and dancing with Miss Kate. Witnessing my children learn through music and play was a gift to me as a parent. Miss Kate is warm, loving and has the ability to make everything fun. Bee Bops is the perfect first learning experience for your child!"

                                       -Laura P.